Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Our Week Away at Training

Last week, Katrina Smith (Guest Services Manager) and I traveled to a 3-day IHG training class in Virginia Beach. The first day's class was called Promises Kept, the second day was all about Maintaining Quality and the third day's class was on Supervisory Skills.

Promises Kept was all about service recovery, which is an opportunity to correct and build loyalty with guests when something goes wrong during a guest's stay. Maintaining Quality was about making sure the hotel is guest ready every day. This means from the time a person makes a reservation, to their arrival at the hotel, and all the way through the accommodations and facilities at the hotel, ending with their departure from the hotel. And lastly Supervisory Skills was about just that, how to improve one's Supervisory Skills when working with other employees. 

While down at Virginia Beach we also made sure to have some nice leisurely time as well. Although it is March and the weather wasn't perfect, it was a nice change of scenery for the week. Both the Holiday Inn Conference Center where we stayed and the Holiday Inn Oceanfront where the class took place were wonderful properties that had friendly staff and beautiful features unique to each of them. Overall we both took away a lot of good, valuable information from the training class and we hope to implement many new policies and procedures into our own hotel. 

Molly Miller
Sales & Projects Manager

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