Friday, February 17, 2012

President's Day

One of the more important tasks that I am faced with as a Sales Coordinator at a hotel is to be knowledgeable of when major holidays occur throughout the year. Holidays usually mean that people are off from work and therefore could be traveling, which would result in an increase in the need for lodging. This coming weekend is a holiday weekend because Monday, February 20th is President’s Day. Two major President’s celebrate their birthdays in February, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. As a result, President’s Day is a day solely dedicated to recognizing what great historical figures these two men were and to reflect on all the triumphant accomplishments they did for our country.  
Our hotel is conveniently located just an hour south from the nation’s capital Washington, D.C. Many people travel to visit the area on this holiday weekend because there are a ton of historical landmarks and monuments that they can walk around in honor of the former President’s. President's Day is not known to many people as a major holiday however it is a day that is worth taking a moment and just remembering what it means to be an American citizen and to honor the great leaders we have had since the country was founded hundreds of years ago. 
Always remember that if you are in the Northern Virginia area and you find that you need a place to stay while traveling, that the Warrenton Holiday Inn Express is conveniently located right off of US-29 and US-17. Call 540-341-3461 to make your reservation today.

Molly Miller
Sales Coordinator

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