Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Leap Year

Leap Year happens once every four years. It is significant because it adds one additional day to the calendar month of February for a total of 366 days in a year, rather than the standard 365 days. The reasoning behind adding one additional day to the year every four years is so that the calendar year will be synchronized to the astronomical year.
I’m not sure if Leap Year is something that is always talked about when it comes around or if I’m just paying attention this year to all the talk about the extra day. Either way, it seems like I keep hearing a lot of people saying what they plan on doing on Leap Day. Many people think of the day as a time to do something you wouldn’t normally do on an ordinary day. For example the other night I overheard a TV host claiming that he was going to eat salami all day long on Leap Day and then another person said they were planning on going on a huge shopping spree. Some people even go as far as throwing Leap Day parties.
            Unfortunately I can’t say that I have any fun plans for Leap Day. To me it will be just another day in the usual work week. However I must say that now that I am conscious of the fact that people do fun, interesting things on Leap Day, I will definitely take a moment to enjoy tomorrow and not take the day for extra day for granted. 

Molly Miller
Sales Coordinator

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