Friday, February 10, 2012

Latitudes Fair Trade

Over the years it has become a tradition in my family for my mother, grandmother and I to walk down the streets in Old Town Warrenton around the holidays, perusing through the local stores and window shopping for Christmas ideas.  This past year was no different. We set out one crisp Sunday morning walking down Main Street with hot chocolate in our hands and thoughts of what unique items we were going to find that day in the stores.
I had heard great things about the Latitudes Fair Trade store from a friend and knew that we had to make our way into that store first thing that morning. To my great surprise Latitudes was everything I had hoped it would be and more. I immediately walked in the store and saw beautiful jewelry, purses, clothing and other unique items. I knew it was going to be difficult to walk away from Latitudes without purchasing anything.
Latitudes Fair Trade is one of the many unique shops located in Old Town Warrenton. It specializes in high-quality, artistically appealing crafts from around the world. The sole purpose of this fair trade movement is to create a connection between American consumers and more excluded artisans from third world countries. Latitudes directly buys items that are made in developing nations then when the consumer goes to Latitudes and buys a product such a piece of jewelry or a purse, the price that is paid for the item goes right to the people who created the product. Latitudes is one of the many stores in the U.S. that prides itself on encouraging safe and healthy working conditions for those disadvantaged people in other countries. The items that are sold in Latitudes are often times cheaper than what you would pay for in larger retail chains and yet they are still beautifully made and you can walk away knowing that by buying that product you are helping those less fortunate people in other countries.  
After seeing all the beautiful products in Latitudes that day and knowing the mission of the store, I knew that I wouldn’t walk away from the store empty handed. I bought a new pair of earrings for myself and a friend as well as a ring that was just $3.00! I can absolutely say without a doubt in my mind that I am a new fan of Latitudes Fair Trade. I can’t wait to go back to that store and see what new items they have in stock. I encourage anyone who is in the Warrenton area to walk into Latitudes Fair Trade and see for yourself what a great store this truly is. For more information on Latitudes visit the website at 

Molly Miller
Sales Coordinator

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