Friday, January 20, 2012

Mosby's Confederacy Tours

John Singleton Mosby or “The Gray Ghost” played a large role in the War between States back in the late 1800s. His entire goal was to weaken all the armies that were invading Virginia during that time. Today there are still many places in Fauquier County that people can visit and get a real sense of places that John Singleton Mosby inhabited.
Dave Goetz has created a touring business that has an entire focus around John Singleton Mosby. He offers three tours to people in the area. The first tour is featured only in Warrenton, VA and walks people through the numerous Mosby-related sites. The second tour takes people from Mount Zion to Millwood and the third tour is centered on the Atrocities of 1864. Each tour takes a full day to truly get a sense of the Mosby experience. Dave Goetz does a wonderful job not just stating factual information about John Singleton Mosby, but really telling interesting stories from that time that keep people interested.
If you are a huge history buff or are visiting the Warrenton area and looking for something to do, be sure to visit to set up your Confederacy tour today!

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